About Us

We rush to this charming little town for a cooler climate, for the breathtaking view, for discovering secret gardens or simply to escape from the maddening crowd but there's more to it than what you can see. When we moved in this quiet town of Alfonso we did not quite know what's in store for us. What moved us are the array of culinary delights. A trip to the farmers market is an eye candy... luscious greens, plump fruits and fresh produce. You feel so close to where your food comes from. We love the whole process of growing your own. It's a dream to open a restaurant here. Basil, coriander, kaffir, lemongrass, these herbs grow so well here. We want to share this experience as we open our farm gates to everyone.
Whether you celebrate a feast or a romantic dinner for two let us be a breathing space and let's savor life's simplest pleasure.